Optimization Criteria in Mössbauer Spectroscopy

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Cano A.
La-Torre M.I.
Tovar O.
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Springer Nature
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The application of optimization criteria both in sample preparation and instrument configuration is very important in Mössbauer spectroscopy in order to compensate for the long periods of time required for the accumulation of spectra with an adequate statistical resolution. The criterion of optimum sample thickness is rather well known in the Mössbauer community. In this work we emphasize the criteria for optimum saturation level due to dead time and optimum window configuration in the gamma detection system.
The authors acknowledge the support of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciónand the Facultad de Ciencias Físicas of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de SanMarcos, and of our Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología, CONCYTEC, Perú. We are grateful to the personnel of our Mössbauer and Soils Laboratories for helpwith the equipment.
Palabras clave
thickness, algorithm, aluminum foil, calibration, computer simulation, conference paper, gamma radiation, instrument, Mossbauer spectroscopy, quantitative analysis, reproducibility, sample, statistical analysis