Mapping of CGRP in the alpaca (Lama pacos) brainstem

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Braga W.
Franco E.
Nuñez A.
Pezo D.
Schul S.
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In this study, we demonstrate the presence of immunoreactive structures containing calcitonin gene-related peptide in the alpaca brainstem. This is the first time that a detailed mapping of the cell bodies and fibers containing this neuropeptide in the alpaca brainstem has been carried out using an immunocytochemical technique. Immunoreactive cell bodies and fibers were widely distributed throughout the alpaca brainstem. A high density of calcitonin gene-related peptide-immunoreactive perikarya was found in the superior colliculus, the dorsal nucleus of the raphe, the trochlear nucleus, the lateral division of the marginal nucleus of the brachium conjunctivum, the motor trigeminal nucleus, the facial nucleus, the pons reticular formation, the retrofacial nucleus, the rostral hypoglossal nucleus, and in the motor dorsal nucleus of the vagus, whereas a high density of fibers containing calcitonin gene-related peptide was observed in the lateral division of the marginal nucleus of the brachium conjunctivum, the parvocellular division of the alaminar spinal trigeminal nucleus, the external cuneate nucleus, the nucleus of the solitary tract, the laminar spinal trigeminal nucleus, and in the area postrema. This widespread distribution indicates that the neuropeptide studied might be involved in multiple functions in the alpaca brainstem.
This work has been supported by the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (BFU2005-02241/BFI), Spain and by the CONCYTEC: PROCYT project 2006, Peru. The authors thank Ewing Rafael Duque for his technical assistance, N. Skinner for stylistic revision of the English text and Professor Gerard Tramu (University of Bordeaux I, France) for kindly providing the CGRP antiserum.
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