Step by step synthesis of silver films by electroless technique and their SERS application of sodium arsenate

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Quiroz, A.
Sato, R.
Massoni, E.
Sanchez, R.
Banuelos, G.
Sanchez, N.
Mata, E.
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IOP Publishing
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In this work, we show the step by step synthesis of silver films using electroless technique. These films were obtained easily and economically in this job; which were used as SERS-active substrates. These substrates were characterized by atomic force microscopy, dark field microscopy, and SERS magnification. Rhodamine B, detection up to 1 ppb, was used as a test molecule for SERS magnification. These silver films were applied in the detection of sodium arsenate and with a detection limit of 100 ppb.
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Surfaces, Metals and Alloys, Polymers and Plastics, Coatings and Films, Biomaterials, Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials