Combinatorial approach toward optimization of the light emission intensity of AlOxNy:Yb3+ thin films

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Campos D.
Chirinos R.
Larondelle Y.
Pedreschi R.
Rogez H.
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Optica Publishing Group
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To obtain an adequate luminescent emission, a significant effort must be made to find a suitable host material. An interesting and highly efficient method is a combinatorial approach, which allows high velocity screening of a wider range of properties. In the present work, a compositional gradient-based, thin-film library of ­ŁĹÄ-AlOxNy:Yb3+ has been prepared by radio frequency co-sputtering from two targets. The ytterbium concentration range spreads from 0.9 to 4.2 at. % and the oxygen to nitrogen ratio from 0.6 to 3.6. Using different annealing temperatures, the activation energy of the rare earth ions and activation mechanisms can be evaluated. Finally, optimal elemental compositions in the investigated range are proposed.
Palabras clave
luminescent emission