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2020Ambient lighting generation for flash images with guided conditional adversarial networksChávez J. ; Mora R. ; Cayllahua-Cahuina E. 
2020Assessing soil erosion risk at national scale in developing countries: The technical challenges, a proposed methodology, and a case historyRosas M.A. ; Gutierrez R.R. 
2020Experimental and analytical bond behaviour of masonry strengthened with steel reinforced grout (SRG)Salsavilca J. ; Yacila J. ; Tarque N. ; Camata G. 
2020Detection of Vibrio campbellii and V. parahaemolyticus carrying full-length pirABVp but only V. campbellii produces PirVp toxinsVicente A. ; Taengphu S. ; Hung A.L. ; Mora C.M. ; Dong H.T. ; Senapin S. 
2020Magnetic bio-nanocomposite catalysts of CoFe2O4/hydroxyapatite-lipase for enantioselective synthesis provide a framework for enzyme recovery and reuseSaire-Saire S. ; Garcia-Segura S. ; Luyo C. ; Andrade L.H. ; Alarcon H. 
2020Histopathology associated with infection by Procamallanus (Spirocamallanus) inopinatus (Nematoda) in farmed Brycon cephalus (Characiformes) from Peru: a potential fish health problemRivadeneyra N.L.S. ; Mertins O. ; Cuadros R.C. ; Malta J.C.O. ; de Matos L.V. ; Mathews P.D. 
2020Antimicrobial sensitivity of pathogenic Yersinia ruckeri from central and southern highlands of PeruMesías Valle F. ; Llanco L. ; Serrano-Martínez E. ; Hurtado C. ; Rodríguez T. ; Smith P. 
2020Are Ionic Liquids Better Extracting Agents Than Toxic Volatile Organic Solvents? A Combination of Ionic Liquids, Microwave and LC/MS/MS, Applied to the Lichen Stereocaulon glareosumCalla-Quispe E. ; Robles J. ; Areche C. ; Sepulveda B. 
2020An interdisciplinary approach to identify zones vulnerable to earthquakesIzquierdo-Horna L. ; Kahhat R. 
2020Numerical analysis of bonding between masonry and steel reinforced grout using a plastic–damage model for lime–based mortarSalsavilca J. ; Tarque N. ; Yacila J. ; Camata G. 
2020Highly porous reduced graphene oxide-coated carbonized cotton fibers as supercapacitor electrodesBaena-Moncada A.M. ; Bazan-Aguilar A. ; Ponce-Vargas M. ; Caycho C.L. ; Rosa-Toro A.L. 
2021Functionalization of an alginate-based material by oxidation and reductive aminationHuamani-Palomino R.G. ; Córdova B.M. ; Elvis Renzo Pichilingue L. ; Venâncio T. ; Valderrama A.C. 
2021Xanthation of alginate for heavy metal ions removal. Characterization of xanthate-modified alginates and its metal derivativesCórdova B.M. ; Venâncio T. ; Olivera M. ; Huamani-Palomino R.G. ; Valderrama A.C. 
2021Transparency-based protocol for decision-making regarding seismic rehabilitation projects of public buildingsSanta-Cruz S. ; Córdova-Arias C. ; Brioso X. ; Vázquez-Rowe I. 
2021Design, construction and functional tests of a controller of illuminance and CCT of LEDsOscco F. ; Cancio A. ; Laura E. ; Horn M. 
2021Effect of augmented reality books in salivary cortisol levels in hospitalized pediatric patients: A randomized cross-over trialAlarcón-Yaquetto D.E. ; Tincopa J.P. ; Guillén-Pinto D. ; Bailon N. ; Cárcamo C.P. 
2021Comparative study of anion removal using adsorbents prepared from a homoionic clayAdauto A. ; Sun-Kou M.R. 
2021Xanthate-modified alginates for the removal of Pb(II) and Ni(II) from aqueous solutions: A brief analysis of alginate xanthationCórdova B.M. ; Infantas G.C. ; Mayta S. ; Huamani-Palomino R.G. ; Kock F.V.C. ; Montes de Oca J. ; Valderrama A.C. 
2021Agro-industrial waste seeds from Peruvian Pouteria lucuma as new source of phytosterolsGuerrero-Castillo P. ; Reyes S. ; Acha O. ; Sepulveda B. ; Areche C. 
Mostrando 21 a 40 de 821 publicaciones y tesis