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2016Family aggregation of human T-lymphotropic virus 1-associated diseases: A systematic reviewAlvarez C. ; Gotuzzo E. ; Vandamme A.-M. ; Verdonck K. 
2018Freshwater ecosystem services in mining regions: Modelling options for policy development supportMercado-Garcia D. ; Wyseure G. ; Goethals P. 
2017Global Shifts in Cardiovascular Disease, the Epidemiologic Transition, and Other Contributing Factors: Toward a New Practice of Global Health CardiologyMendoza W. ; Miranda J.J.
2017Horizontal gene transfer contributes to plant evolution: The case of agrobacterium T-DNAsQuispe-Huamanquispe D.G. ; Gheysen G. ; Kreuze J.F. 
2015Metabolismo mineral óseo en pacientes con enfermedad renal crónica: revisión sobre su fisiopatología y morbimortalidadBernuy, Jeanette ; Gonzales, Gustavo F. 
2021Modification of NaCl structure as a sodium reduction strategy in meat products: An overviewRios-Mera J.D. ; Selani M.M. ; Patinho I. ; Saldaña E. ; Contreras-Castillo C.J. 
2018Outcomes following severe hand foot and mouth disease: A systematic review and meta-analysisJones E. ; Pillay T.D. ; Liu F. ; Luo L. ; Bazo-Alvarez J.C.; Yuan C. ; Zhao S. ; Chen Q. ; Li Y.; Liao Q. ; Yu H. ; Rogier van Doorn H. ; Sabanathan S. 
2019Peru's road to climate action: Are we on the right path? The role of life cycle methods to improve Peruvian national contributionsVázquez-Rowe I.; Kahhat R.; Larrea-Gallegos G. ; Ziegler-Rodriguez K. 
2021Promising physicochemical technologies for poultry slaughterhouse wastewater treatment: A critical reviewHilares R.T. ; Atoche-Garay D.F. ; Pagaza D.A.P. ; Ahmed M.A. ; Andrade G.J.C. ; Santos J.C. 
2021Recent progress in and prospects for supercapacitor materials based on metal oxide or hydroxide/biomass-derived carbon compositesRuiz-Montoya, Jose G. ; |Quispe-Garrido, Lady V. ; |Calderon Gomez, J. C. ; |Baena-Moncada, Angelica M. ; |Goncalves, Josue M. 
2018Role of mHealth in overcoming the occurrence of post-stroke depressionMiranda J.J.; Moscoso M.G.; Toyama M. ; Cavero V. ; Diez-Canseco F.; Ovbiagele B.
2009Sequencing the Potato genome: Outline and first results to come from the Elucidation of the sequence of the world's third most important food cropVisser R.G.F.; Bachem C.W.B.; de Boer J.M. ; Bryan G.J.; Chakrabati S.K. ; Feingold S.; Gromadka R.; van Ham R.C.H.J.; Huang S.; Jacobs J.M.E.; Kuznetsov B.; de Melo P.E. ; Milbourne D.; Orjeda G.; Sagredo B.; Tang X. 
2021Soot modeling in turbulent diffusion flames: review and prospectsValencia S. ; Ruiz S. ; Manrique J. ; Celis C. ; Figueira da Silva L.F. 
2003Surface adhesion fermentation: A new fermentation categoryGutiérrez-Correa M.; Villena G.K.
2021Type 3 secretion system as an anti-Pseudomonal targetHorna G. ; Ruiz J. 
2021Type 3 secretion system of Pseudomonas aeruginosaHorna G. ; Ruiz J. 
2021Ultrasound processing of fruits and vegetables, structural modification and impact on nutrient and bioactive compounds: a reviewRojas M.L. ; Kubo M.T.K. ; Caetano-Silva M.E. ; Augusto P.E.D. 
2021Whole Blood Mycobacterial Growth Assays for Assessing Human Tuberculosis Susceptibility: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisBok, Jeroen ; |Hofland, Regina W. ; |Evans, Carlton A.