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10th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions (SAHC) - Anamnesis, Diagnosis, Therapy, Controls
12th International Asparagus Symposium
12th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED)
12th Latin American Symposium on Food Science (SLACA) - Food Science and its Impact on a Changing World
15th Latin American Robotic Symposium (LARS) / 6th Brazilian Symposium on Robotics (SBR) / 9th Workshop on Robotics in Education (WRE)
16th Meeting of Physics
17th Annual World Environmental and Water Resources Congress
17th workshop of the International Association for Phytoplankton Taxonomy and Ecology (IAP)
18th Annual World Environmental and Water Resources Congress of the Environmental-and-Water-Resources-Institute (EWRI)
20-02-20201era. reunión de SciELO Perú: presentación del comité
1st Latin American Congress on Automation and Robotics (LACAR)
2017 Workshop of Computer Vision (WVC)
20th International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium (IBS 2013)
27th IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS)
27th International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics (Neutrino)
29th Annual IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC)
2nd Iberoamerican Symposium on Adsorption (IBA)
30th SIBGRAPI Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images Tutorials (SIBGRAPI-T)
36th IEEE Central American and Panama Convention (CONCAPAN)
39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE-Engineering-in-Medicine-and-Biology-Society (EMBC)